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Private Label Manufactured Desserts: Frozen Fruit Pies, Homestyle Taste

When individuals are out shopping, they will ultimately choose their groceries based on quality, affordability and taste. At Rocky Mountain Pies®, we are dedicated to never sacrificing the quality of our frozen fruit pies for the sake of efficiency. With a dedicated team of industry experts, we are a leading company that grocery stores across the country trust in their in-store bakeries. slice of cherry pie

Whether you chose our label or our private labeling program for your products, we guarantee that our manufactured desserts will stop your customers' shopping carts.

Private labeling programs for your manufactured desserts

In addition to the option of ordering our Rocky Mountain Pies® frozen fruit pies and other SKUs, we offer our clients exclusive private label branding. We work with our customers to develop private labels and packaging that will compliment their in-store bakery pie program.

Our thaw and sell frozen fruit pie master carton provides two labels per pie. The bottom label includes the Nutritional facts and ingredient statement. For easier scanning the UPC code is on the bottom label as well. On the top label, the description and unit weight are provided. These labels are fully compliant with all relevant food labeling regulations.

Rocky Mountain Pies® is a leader for private label manufactured desserts and we also will work with clients to develop their own custom SKUs. In the past, we've worked with clients to develop products such as strawberry lemonade pies and other exciting varieties.

Top quality pies

We don't believe in cutting corners or putting profits first by sacrificing the quality of our products. Our frozen fruit pies' quality is the top priority. Other pie manufacturers use modern technology to make their pies. Although we get a push from modern technology, we stay true to the "old fashioned" methods of scratch baking. Our fruit fillings are delicately blended and are guaranteed to ensure the perfect flavor, not to mention the perfect fruit to filling ratio. The way we see it is frozen fruit pies are all about what's inside, which is why we make sure our fruit holds its form and flavor throughout the baking process - nobody wants a fruit pie with filling that looks like jam.

Rocky Mountain Pies® are a scratch bakery and maintain the older techniques that create the perfect frozen fruit pies that everyone craves.

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