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Our Story

fruit pie sliceHere at Rocky Mountain Pies, we take pride in every detail of our pie manufacturing process, from the production floor to our hand peaked meringues no detail is overlooked. A family of employees that has had hundreds of years of experience in the pie making industry.

Our story began in the 1970s and 1980s, when we pioneered Marie Callender Restaurant and Bakery Shops in the Western United States, before beginning our in-store bakery program with Western Country Pies in 1990. At Rocky Mountain Pies, our team members bring the knowledge they've gained to create beautifully crafted pies for your in-story bakery.

While the technology in the manufacturing and baking industry has changed over the years, Rocky Mountain Pies is unique in our market in that we maintain many of the tried-and-true old-fashioned methods of pie baking.

pie slice We maintain methods such as hand-woven lattice pastry tops, and other techniques in spite of the high tech-industry, to provide superior taste and quality in each of our products, while maintaining a low-cost to our clients. As we like to say, "the proof is in the pastry" when it comes to the superiority of our products.

As a leading pie manufacturer, we offer our clients over 600 SKUs and products in addition to working with clients on an individual level to create custom products that make for eye-catching displays.

Whether or not you choose to order Rocky Mountain Pies for your in-store bakery or choose to explore our private label program, we're your premier choice for pies that are guaranteed to stop your customers' shopping carts.


Rocky Mountain Pies

250 West Crossroads Square
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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