Rocky Mountain Pies

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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We love to help agents with their frozen food purchasing efforts. Call us to place bulk pie orders, and let our staff go to work for you.
With over 600 available SKUS, bulk pie orders don't have to be limited

The difference in taste and quality between a manufactured pie and our hand crafted dessert is dramatic. Many stores are limited in their selection of pies because their frozen food purchasing agent ordered in bulk, which typically lacks the attention to detail that good pastries require. Every one of the desserts we produce make uses old fashioned techniques and baking methods to get you a tender, flaky crust, a sweet and memorable filling, topped with a lattice top much like your grandmother used to make. For frozen food purchasing agents interested in bulk pie orders, our company offers over 600 SKUs, from cream pies, meringues, gluten free options, and seasonal flavors. For our frozen food purchasing agents, we offer private labeling for bulk orders, allowing companies to label the desserts as they please. The next time customer's come to your store, they won't have to pick from two or three mediocre options and will be pleased at the variety and quality we have to offer.

The quality of our pies is seen in the quality of our employees

Our experienced and dedicated staff would be happy to help frozen food purchasing agents place bulk pie orders that will please every one of your customers. Many years ago, our business began with only 30 SKUS and has since grown with the help of our employees, allowing us to expand our customer base all over the country. The difference between us and other pie manufacturing companies is that our employees are well-experienced and knowledgeable about the business. Frozen food purchasing agents notice the quality of our employees and their dedication to customer service.

Other pies on the market lack the same taste and appeal that they had before being frozen. Although this is other companies' downfall, it gives us leverage to impress our customers. When frozen food purchasing agents utilize our bulk orders, all of the pies will come made to perfection and packaged soundly with a full list of ingredients and other nutrition facts on the label.

Fill your customer's carts with our pies

Although other bulk desserts orders taste like they were made in large quantities and shipped out of the bakery as quickly as possible, our pies taste like they were made individually. We want our products to have the same home style look and taste that many associate with fond memories of their grandma's kitchen. Frozen food purchasing agents know we provide high quality desserts; we have stuck with old fashioned baking methods instead of implementing mass technology tools into our kitchens; there is a difference and quality in our pies you can taste. Frozen food purchasing agents can reap the benefits of bulk orders and private labeling by utilizing our delicious products.