Rocky Mountain Pies

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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Rocky Mountain is among the most elite bulk frozen pie manufacturer in the industry; creating desserts that would make Grandma proud.

Purchase bulk pies with confidence

When you bite into a piece of pie, the difference you will find between a manufactured and a homemade one can be obvious. However, at Rocky Mountain, our manufacturers make this disparity unnoticeable. Many companies are hesitant to engage in bulk purchasing for their store because of the inferior quality, lack of options, and poor customer service. Our company has over 600 SKUs available for sale that will make your customers beg for more. Our main philosophy as bulk manufacturers is providing our customers with desserts that taste identical to the confections made in grandma's kitchen. Consumers are finding the benefits that go hand in hand with purchasing from our company.

The difference is in our process

As quality bulk dessert manufacturers, we don't believe in cutting corners for the sake of efficiency and always provide our customers with affordability and great taste. In-store bakeries find they are proud to have our pies; purchasing from us allows private labeling, so the customer can customize the packaging. In order to find dessert manufacturers that specialize in quality pies, you need to look for a company that still uses old fashioned methods. Bulk purchasing can end in success if you look for pies with a golden flaky crust and delectable fillings, that don't lose their taste after being frozen. Grocery stores trust purchasing with our company because we use a manufacturing process similar to what occurs in home kitchens. We find that the high-tech industry, while convenient, uses pie creation methods that cause their products to come out mediocre and lack the quality taste customers are looking for in bakery pies. Our crusts are carefully made using double armed mixers, baked to perfection, and then filled with delicately blended fruit fillings or savory meringue. When bulk purchasing, consumers can rely on Rocky Mountain to provide a large quantity, without sacrificing quality.

We are elite pastry manufacturers that strive for excellence

In order to find pie manufacturers that don't disappoint, look for quality, taste, and affordability. Bulk purchasing with our company will give you the desserts you have been looking for. As a family owned and operated business with years of experience, we know what it takes to create desserts similar to the ones your grandma used to make. Every detail and step of our pie making process is constantly overlooked by one of our dedicated employees. With a variety of packaging and labeling options, your store will soon see an increase in sales after customers have tasted one of our renowned pies. Consumers are frequently finding that bulk purchasing from Rocky Mountain manufacturers will leave you completely satisfied.