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Frozen Pie Supplier

Delicious cream pies from a leading frozen dessert supplier

Rocky Mountain Pies® knows that the difference between a homestyle pie and a manufactured pie can be dramatic. However, our philosophy is that our manufactured products should taste just like the cream pies grandma used to make and serve after dinner. As a leading frozen dessert supplier, we are committed to providing our customers with quality cream pies that do not lose their look or flavor while on pie slice on platedisplay, whether they are topped with our shelf-stable crème topping or our rich, real whipped cream topping.

Experienced staff and superior knowledge of our industry

Our staff has had hundreds of years of cumulative experience in business making fruit, Holiday, meringue, and cream pies. With the knowledge gained from the many years in the industry, we know that being disciplined in hands-on management is an important part; rather than being administrators of production and marketing. Not only is our staff knowledgeable, we have the talent to create cream pies just as if they were home made. Our specialty is in utilizing some of the "old fashioned" methods of scratch baking; that is what makes us the most unique frozen dessert supplier in the industry.

We make over 600 different types of pies

As said by many, the best made and most delicious pie must include a tender flaky pastry crust. We still maintain many homestyle techniques.
When Rocky Mountain Pies launched our business, we started with about 30 SKUs; our business has grown tremendously, and now we have the right materials and experience to make over 600 different types of pies that are available to our customers throughout the nation. As a frozen dessert supplier, some of our favorite varieties are available, such as:

  • Seasonal Varieties
  • VIP- Fruit With Hand Woven Lattice
  • Cream Pies
  • Meringues

We flavor, spice and blend I.Q.F fruit in our own filling formulas to provide each pie with a delicious inside that looks and tastes just as good as before they were frozen. Each one of our cream pies, and every other pie for that matter, include labels and packaging that protect the pie and also provide the customers with fully-compliant nutrition facts and ingredients statements.