Rocky Mountain Pies

250 West Crossroads Square
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Tel: 801-233-6662

Rocky Mountain Pies- The Nation's Leading Frozen Pie Manufacturer.

“Where the Proof is in the Pastry”

Our talented staff has had hundreds of years of accumulative experience in the pie making industry. From our restaurant experience to the production floor, our expert team is disciplined in the art of pie making and hands-on management, not just effective production.

From our flaky crusts, to hand-woven lattice pastry tops, to meringue and whipped cream pies, our quality sets us apart as a premier pie manufacturer. Our beautifully crafted old-fashioned pies are sure to stop your customers' shopping carts.

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From Scratch Quality and Taste

While the technology in the baking industry has changed over the years, we still believe in the same tried and true “old-fashioned” methods of production that give our products a home-style look; similar to what grandma still makes in her kitchen

As a scratch bakery and pie supplier that provides private label branding, we are dedicated to maintaining older techniques in a high-tech industry in order to provide superior taste and value while maintaining a low-cost to our clients. No details in our pies are overlooked, from our delicately blended fruit fillings to hand peaked meringue, our pies have an authentic home made look that is guaranteed to entice your customers. Our pastry dough is carefully mixed in double arm mixers for the perfect crust. For us, we believe that at the heart of any good pie is a tender, flaky pastry crust that no other frozen pie manufacturer can supply.

Private Label Branding for Very Impressive Pies – V.I.P. Pies

As a pie supplier, we also offer a private label program for our clients. Our V.I.P. pies make an impressive dessert for any meal with an old-fashioned filling that any other frozen pie manufacturer simply cannot offer. With over 600 SKUs, our catalogue is simply unbeatable in terms of quality.  We would be happy to private label any of our products for your needs.

Packaged for Your Convenience

Our team is more than just a group of manufacturers; we are family of bakers and no details in our pies are overlooked. With each of our products—from French silk to gourmet apple pies— we make sure they are carefully dressed to provide the best possible merchandising opportunity for your store. We have the ability to package our pies in either a black base clear dome lid or a homestyle bakery box.