Rocky Mountain Pies

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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When it comes to purchasing frozen desserts, Rocky Mountain provides reliable and delicious options for bakery orders.

Purchasing orders with us allows you to label them according to your wishes

We are a scratch bakery and pie supplier that doesn't sacrifice quality for efficiency. For us, bakery orders purchasing means providing you with quality pastries that come in a variety of different mouth-watering flavors. Frozen food buyers will no longer have to deal with only having a few standard options to stock their store with. Our pies are available in over 600 flavors, ranging from classics like apple and cherry to our more innovative flavors like pineapple upside-down and dazzleberry. Our employees have helped us make our company become the leading supplier of bulk pies to food buyers in the country. With hundreds of years of cumulative experience in the pie making industry, frozen food buyers can greatly benefit from our staff's expertise.

When bakery orders purchasing takes place with our company, frozen food buyers are provided with private labeling options that will help make the pies an attractive asset to their store. We work closely with you to develop a label the will complement your store's bakery section. The labels for your frozen food orders will have a unique design that also includes appropriate nutritional and ingredient information.

Your customers won't be able to stay away

Many bulk pie producers make pies that are meant to endure long waiting times before being thawed and frozen. Because of this, frozen food buyers struggle when purchasing pies where the filling remains fresh, the whipped cream stays fluffy and doesn't become misshapen, and the meringues retain their initial tangy taste. Because we don't believe in cutting corners for the sake of efficiency in our baking orders, all of our pies resemble what grandma used to make in her kitchen. From golden brown flaky crust to perfectly blended fruit fillings, your bakery orders purchasing team won't be able to keep our pies in stock for very long.

For frozen food buyers, the "proof is in the pastry"

Frozen food buyers everywhere are confident in the quality of our bakery. Upon purchasing our products, one bite is enough to convince anyone that our old fashioned baking methods result in pastries that aren't like anywhere else. The flavors of our ingredients last from the initial baking process all the way to the time you cut your first slice, defying technological baking techniques commonly used in this industry. We create the perfect frozen fruit pies that your customers will crave long after the last bite, urging your bakery orders purchasing buyers to keep our pies in stock constantly.