Rocky Mountain Pies

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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Pie Manufacturer - Wholesale Pies

Products from a pie manufacturer that are designed to stop your shopping cart

Rocky Mountain Pies® is revolutionizing the dessert  manufacturing industry with our frozen pies and thaw and sell pies available in over 600 SKUs in both our Rocky Mountain Pies® and private labeling distribution programs.

pie sliceWith hundreds of years of cumulative experience in the industry, we offer our clients thaw and sell pies that taste like homemade dessert, conveniently packaged for easy merchandising and display.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are a leading pie manufacturer whose team of experts have an impressive resume of dessert manufacturing experience. From pioneering Marie Callender Restaurant and Bakery Shops in the 1970s and 1980s located throughout the Western United States to launching a highly successful in-store bakery program with Western Country Pies in 1990, our team members have the knowledge to create the perfect pie program for your bakery.

Rocky Mountain Pies has years of experience

We know all the do's and don'ts because of our experience in restaurants and in the baking industry. Unlike any other pie manufacturer, that often sacrifice taste and appearance for product line efficiency, we still use many of the tried and trued methods from scratch bakeries. We stir, bake, peak meringue, whip cream and do anything else that is required to produce beautifully crafted thaw and sell pies. Our homestyle products stand out in quality, taste, and detail to give you a display that will stop shopping carts in their tracks.

pie sliceWith our knowledge and experience in the pie manufacturer industry, we know that a good pie must include tender, flaky pastry crust, because the proof is the pastry . We also know that in order to hold that title, the pies must be made the "Grand Old American Way." We are skilled enough to qualify.

We are a "made from scratch" bakery

Our philosophy compared to any other pie manufacturer is unique: quality should never be sacrificed for quantity. We still maintain many older techniques that give our products a superior look and taste, such as our hand woven lattice and
gently assembled fruit fillings.

Unlike other competitors, our thaw and sell pies never taste dull or bland and our whipped cream never loses its shape. Our unique production lines allow us to maneuver in a way that still works in this high tech environment. With hand peaked meringues and beautifully crafted toppings, our products maintain that homestyle feel that your customers will love.