Unbaked Pie Baking Instructions

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  6 Inch 8 Inch 9 & 10 Inch
Variety Oven Temp Approx. Bake Time Oven Temp Approx. Bake Time Oven Temp Approx. Bake Time
Full Crust 400 F 25-30 mins 400 F 35-40 mins 400 F 50-55 mins
Lattice Top   20-25 mins 400 F 30-35 mins 400 F 40-45 mins
Custard   35-40 mins 350 F 35-40 mins 350 F 50-55 mins
Apple Crumb   40 mins 375 F 40 mins 375 F 45-50 mins
Pie Shells   35-40 mins 390 F 35-40 mins 390 F 45-50 mins

• The longer you can bake pies, the better they are. This is a function of TEMPERATURE CONTROL.

• The fruit pie filling in these pies is already cooked, so all you are doing is baking the pastry crust to a golden brown.

• Experiment with your oven to ensure you are getting "color" as well as "sufficient bake time".

• Always preheat oven. Do not use bent or warped bake pans.

• To repair cracked or broken dough, moisten with warm water and press over damaged area.

• When washing tops of pies (egg wash or sugar wash), use a pastry brush as spraying tends to puddle and will result in burn spots. ALWAYS WASH PIES WHEN THEY ARE FROZEN. Try not to brush wash on the edge of the pie as this tends to darken the edges prematurely. Pies should not be baked without some type of wash - egg/water; sugar/water; Baker's Brite, etc. We suggest using sugar/water wash (no egg) on lattice top pies.

• Check pies for color at about 20 minutes into bake. You may need to reduce the heat by about 10 degrees to avoid getting the edges too dark. Continue checking pies during the bake time as noted above. During final 10 minutes of baking check pies for color, pies should be golden brown. Pull pies if filling begins to boil out.

• If pies crack open and/or filling begins to boil out BEFORE DESIRED COLOR IS ACHIEVED, your beginning oven temperature is too low. Increase the temperature, this should also decrease the baking time by a few minutes.

• Cool completely before packaging. Packaging pies while warm will stimulate mold growth.

• When baking shells, placing an empty pie tin on top of the dough will reduce shrinkage.