Rocky Mountain Pies

250 West Crossroads Square
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Tel: 801-233-6662

Rocky Mountain Pies is among the top rated pastry manufacturers in the United States. We offer the best tasting pie with a rich, flaky pastry crust.

Our top rated desserts are baked with tried and true old fashioned methods

The baking industry is not what it was fifteen, twenty, or even five years ago. Advances in technology have made pies more readily available to the public, but caused them to lose the top rated homemade element. At RMP, we stick to more of the old fashioned methods that we have been using in our bakeries for years. Every pie we create resembles what grandma made in her kitchen all those years ago; using methods of production that are proven to deliver delicious results. Every one of our best tasting desserts has a home style look and flavor, making them some of the top rated pies to be found on the market.

Scratch materials and quality combined to make exceptional tasting pies

Although the high-industry techniques currently being used may be more convenient, they will never give you the best tasting pie. We are a scratch bakery and top rated pie supplier that has not fallen into the entrapment of technology in order to make baking more convenient. We want our desserts to be exceptional, even if it means using scratch materials and paying strict attention to every detail of the process. Our deliciously blended fruit fillings, flaky pie crust, and hand whipped meringues are nothing short of perfection. We watch everything from the initial mixing of the crust, combination of the fillings, and final packaging that will carry the top rated pie straight to your doorstep.

Convenience and dedication gives every slice the best taste

Some of the best tasting and top rated pies can be traced back to our company. Not only are we a family of bakers, but we are a group of manufacturers that offer ways for the best tasting products to come packaged and ready according to your specifications. As a dessert supplier, we offer our clients a private labeling program known as Very Impressive Pies. This V.I.P. option makes us the best tasting pie supplier and the one most dedicated to our client's labeling needs. We would be happy to label the best tasting desserts you order with a message unique to your business or occasion.

Because the best tasting desserts are a small representation of what our company regularly accomplishes, we make sure they can be delivered to your store without risk of damage and loss of funds. Our pies can be packaged in a black base clear dome lid, or a home style bakery box. At RMP, every one of our top rated pies resembles the look, taste, and presentation that are reminiscent of a home kitchen.