Rocky Mountain Pies

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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When it comes to purchasing bulk, wholesale pies, Rocky Mountain ensures homemade quality and taste.

Bakeries and groceries recommend us for wholesale bulk pie purchasing

Wholesale purchasing doesn't usually turn out quality products, but Rocky Mountain Pies is getting rid of the way people think of store bought desserts, one slice at a time. Bulk pie purchasing for your bakery or grocery store will be an easy process if you purchase them from us. Our team not only creates magnificent pies, but they are skillfully equipped with years of experience to help you select the right quantity and types of pies for your store. Other wholesale pastries on the market come in standard flavors that don't excite or see significant buying demand. Our company has over 600 available SKUS for you to pick from with flavors like gourmet apple, French silk, peach praline, and many more. We are the best resource for bulk pies in the United States because of our variety and quality.

We believe in making wholesale pies the old fashioned way

Many wholesale desserts you can buy at your local grocery store are made using technologically advanced processes. While this is an advantageous way to increase efficiency, it sacrifices the quality of the dessert. Bulk purchasing with our company ensures that every one of our pies was made using methods that have been around for years. We implement the ways scratch bakeries create pies; ones that are reminiscent of homemade. Our delicately blended fruit fillings, whipped cream, meringues and other materials never lose their luster after being packaged and frozen. The old fashioned methods we use set us apart from other bulk pie manufacturers in the industry.

Pies labeled and packaged to your advantage

We offer our bulk purchasing clients top quality wholesale pies as well as labeling and packaging options that complement their business. Our company will work directly with you to create a label that will make our wholesale pastries attractive to future customers. The master carton for our thaw and sell selection comes with two unique labels per pie, with a full list of nutritional information and ingredient lists on each one. After bulk purchasing, the UPC scan code will be on the bottom of the pie, making it easier to scan your order.
Individuals out shopping for a delicious dessert won't be disappointed when they bring home on of our pies. Increase the quality of your store's selection and do all your bulk dessert purchasing with Rocky Mountain.