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Please Note:
We are a commercial bakery and do not have a retail store set up to accommodate mail order or single pie sales. If you have additional questions, please fill out the form below or you are also welcome to call us. Our pies are available at these retailers.

Private Label Pie Manufacturing Company

"Where the Proof is in the Pastry"

Our talented staff has had hundreds of years of accumulative experience in the pie making industry. From our restaurant experience to the production floor, our expert team is disciplined in the art of pie making and hands-on management, not just effective production.

From our flaky crusts, to hand-woven lattice pastry tops, to meringue and whipped cream pies, our quality sets us apart as a premier pie manufacturer. Our beautifully crafted old-fashioned pies are sure to stop your customers' shopping carts.

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* Please note: We are a commercial bakery and do not have a retail store set up to accommodate mail order pie sales.*

Allergen Statement:  All products produced by Rocky Mountain Pies contain Wheat (Gluten).  Milk, Soy, Egg, Pecans, Almonds and Coconut are also present in the facility and produced on shared equipment.  Rocky Mountain Pies has a comprehensive Allergen Control Program that has been reviewed and approved by Federal, State, Local and third party (SQF) inspectors. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Featured Pie

Sea Salt Carmel

Sea Salt Caramel French Silk

From Scratch Quality and Taste

While the technology in the baking industry has changed over the years, as a pie supplier, we still believe in the same tried and true "old-fashioned" methods of production that give our products a home-style look like what grandma still makes in her kitchen. From baking crusts to whipping meringue, our pies aren't just known for their superior taste, but our unique methods distinguish us as a leading frozen pie manufacturePie Manufacturerr.

As a scratch bakery and pie supplier that provides private branding labels, we are dedicated to maintaining older techniques in a high-tech industry in order to provide superior taste and value while maintaining a low-cost to our clients. We offer both thaw and sell and frozen unbaked pies that are designed for eye-catching displays that are sure to capture your customers' imaginations.

No detail in our pies are overlooked, from our delicately blended fruit fillings to hand peaked meringue, our pies have an authentic home made look that are guaranteed to stop your customers' shopping carts. Our pasty dough is carefully mixed in double arm mixers for the perfect crust. For us, we believe that at the heart of any good pie is a tender, flaky pastry crust that no other frozen pie manufacturer can supply.

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Private Label Branding for a Very Impressive Pie (V.I.P) Program

As a pie supplier, we also offer a private label program for our clients throughout the nation. Our program provides "Very Impressive Pies" that are packaged in a clear dome with a black base or homestyle bakery box, which makes for easy merchandising and display.

Our V.I.P. pies make an impressive dessert for any meal with an old-fashioned filling that any other frozen pie manufacturer simply cannot offer. With over 600 SKUs, our catalogue is simply unbeatable in terms of quality and choice.

Packaged for Your Convenience

Our team is more than just a group of manufacturers; we are family of bakers with an eye for detail. With each of our products-from French silk and gourmet apple pies-are carefully dressed to provide the best possible merchandising opportunity for your store. Our pies come packaged in a clear plastic dome with a black protective bottom base that allows for easy merchandising. Or if you prefer, we have homestyle bakery boxes available.

As a pie supplier, both our Rocky Mountain Pies® and private label program pies include a top label with description and weight, while the bottom label provides customers with the nutritional and ingredient statements, and barcoding.